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Property Investing Matters

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For almost 10 years Australia's leading property expert, Margaret Lomas, hosted the very popular Your Money Your Call on SkyNews Business, heading up a regular panel of specialist experts in many different property investing fields. Now you can tune in free each week as she invites her regular team of special expert guests into the studio to cover a broad range of crucial property investing topics, with a new subject devoted to each episode. Join in as the panel answers your live and emailed questions and helps you to ramp up your property investing success!

Latest Episode: In this episode of Property Investing Matters, Margaret is joined by Bryce Holdaway from Empower Wealth in a live cross to discuss the tricks and traps of being a borderless investor!

Airs: New episodes will become available to watch live and for free at 5:30pm (Sydney time) each Tuesday night, and then be available to watch all week for free.

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Homesales - Your Next Move

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Homesales - Your Next Move will help you with your next property move. Whether it's for investing, your own home or simply property in general, you'll find all you need here. Watch Bradley Beer, CEO of the BMT Group incorporating, BMT Tax Depreciation and BMT Insurance share his experience from over 20 years of investing and his knowledge of the property industry.

Bradley's experience as both CEO of the BMT Group and personally as a home and investment property owner has led him to become a highly sought-after speaker at many national property related events and conferences, as well as a regular contributor on the Sky Business channel and a variety of property related programs.

Latest Episode: No description is avaiable as no epsiodes have been released in the past seven days.

Note: Homesales - Your Next Move is currently taking a break. There is currently no return date for the show.

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The Money Plan

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Former Foxtel presenter and industry expert, Ian Rodrigues, uses his professional experience to breakdown complex money matters in your business and personal life.

Each week Ian will cover a range of important tax subjects all designed to help you gain a better understanding of the very important issues that you may face as a property investor.

Using case studies and real life examples, Ian will offer advice on a range of circumstances involving property investing. He will help you to better understand topics such as minimising tax, risk management, protecting your assets, structuring your finance and much more.

Latest Episode: No description is avaiable as no epsiodes have been released in the past seven days.

Note: The Money Plan is currently taking a break. The show will return in mid to late March.

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